Where Kevin Stands on the Issues

Law Enforcement

Kevin O’Connor says, “Defunding the police is a bad idea.”

Kevin supports law enforcement as an important component of safe communities, and has said recent calls to defund the police are misguided. Kevin supports police departments in their efforts to be more inclusive and diverse and will support grant programs that encourage more training and support for officers on the street. “The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis horrified me. America can not tolerate that kind of brutality,” he said.

Kevin O’Connor supports qualified immunity for public safety personnel, as well as for other government employees.

Energy and The Environment

Kevin O’Connor knows nothing is more important for American families than clean air and clean water. Federal policy must protect our natural resources. Kevin O’Connor supports federal energy policy that strives for sustainability, renewability, and self reliance. International agreements must be a part of our clean earth strategy, but such agreements must not disadvantage American innovation in world trade.

Second Amendment

Kevin O’Connor supports a citizen’s right to bear arms. Massachusetts has strong gun laws, including mandatory background checks for people who choose to own firearms. Reducing gun violence is a crucial priority, and to that end Kevin supports full enforcement of safety standards and ownership regulations.


Every American deserves access to affordable health insurance. Socialized medicine, however, will increase costs and reduce the quality of care. The plan supported by the Democrats in this race eliminates private insurance, increases the federal budget by 60 percent, and costs taxpayers $32 trillion.

Kevin O’Connor favors increasing competition, expanding premium tax credits for middle-income families, and moving more subsidy-eligible individuals into Marketplace plans.


Strong borders mean a safer nation.

“We’re a nation of laws, and it’s government’s responsibility to enforce those laws,” Kevin O’Connor says. “And it’s Congress’s responsibility to make laws that are fair and just.”

Both Congressman Kennedy and Senator Markey support so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions where immigration laws are ignored. If the system is broken, it’s their job to fix it. “As your Senator, I’ll work for strong, enforceable immigration law.”

Government Reform

Kevin O’Connor supports term limits and has pledged to serve no more than two terms. Kevin also supports reforming the filibuster so that it can’t be weaponized by either party to stall progress and score political points. Votes should be timely, transparent, and more issues should be taken up as narrowly targetted pieces of legislation. The omnibus bills allow too much gamesmanship, and our country deserves better.


Despite bipartisan consensus on the need for infrastructure legislation, Washington remains paralyzed. Modernizing our public assets–like transportation, power, water and sewage treatment, and broadband access–is critical to economic growth and international competitiveness.

We can’t afford to dither any longer. The infrastructure affects the health, safety and security of all Americans.

Kevin O’Connor will make action on infrastructure a top priority.


Election integrity must be preserved, and Kevin O’Connor is committed to ensuring that every vote counts.

When the pandemic hit, power brokers on Beacon Hill refused to create reasonable ballot access rules. Kevin fought that injustice all the way to the State Supreme Judicial Court, and he won.

Kevin also supports continuing the Electoral College system for presidential elections.


Kevin O’Connor will fight for tax reforms that benefit families and industries here in Massachusetts. He opposes the drastic and burdensome tax increases proposed for gasoline on Beacon Hill.


America First does not mean isolated from the rest of the world. I want our companies to profit from our relationships around the world, and part of that equation is leveling the playing field in regards to our imports from countries with dismal labor standards.

Foreign Policy

We need to lead and promote peace through strength. That means intervention to root out terrorism before it reaches our shores, and defending human rights from authoritarians and failed, corrupt governments.


Climate change is real and especially impactful on our coastal communities, but the Green New Deal would be a disaster for our country. We need to tackle climate change using technology, and be the global leader in the green industry. The Green New Deal will wreck the American economy and stifle the necessary innovation we need to actually affect positive change on environmental issues.