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Meet Kevin

Kevin is running for U.S. Senate to bring much needed change to Washington. Unlike in Massachusetts, where a Republican governor collaborates with a largely Democratic legislature, Washington politicians focus incessantly on creating and exploiting partisan conflict. Kevin believes the dysfunction in Congress is fueled by professional politicians who feel entitled to power and will do just about anything to keep it. That’s why he supports term limits and pledges to serve no more than two terms in the Senate.

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As Massachusetts Democrats march left, Republicans see opportunity

“Massachusetts voters, our communities, are common sense based,” said Kevin O’Connor, who’s running against Shiva Ayyadurai in the GOP primary for what’s now the liberal U.S. Sen. Edward Markey’s seat. “There is no question that when Republicans focus on common sense and Democrats move too far to the left — and that’s exactly the case this year — that Republicans can win and I believe we will win in 2020.”

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Herald endorses Kevin O’Connor for U.S. Senate

He is also an outsider on the political scene — without a passel of celebrities or high-profile national lawmakers in his corner.

O’Connor’s agenda seems radical when compared to the progressive doctrine gaining popularity — in different times it would be labeled as “common sense.”

He’s for strong borders, for one. “We’re a nation of laws, and it’s government’s responsibility to enforce those laws,” he notes on his campaign website.